About Us

CFD Trader is a software application that was started by a team of four experienced trading professionals. The team has been trading in cryptocurrencies since 2010 and has made a name for themselves over the last decade. A few years ago, all four traders joined hands – along with software professionals to create a software application that could be used by a wide audience.

Today, CFD Trader has earned a name for itself as being one of the most reliable, legit bots in the market. With over 200,000 members consisting of both new investors and experienced traders, the company has succeeded in providing traders with several options to conduct successful trades.

CFD Trader is also one of the few companies that offer every member a senior account manager to help new members develop the best strategies in online trading.

The CFD Trader Team

The CFD Trader Team is currently run by its four founding members, a legal team, IT team, and a team of software consultants.

Erik Peterson

Erik has been working as a full-time trader since 2009, when the Bitcoin was first introduced to the financial markets. Since then, he has traded in all types of cryptocurrencies across all types of markets. He has been through the ups and downs of the financial markets and has, over the last decade, made his name as a cryptocurrency multimillionaire.

Joshua Barron

Joshua had worked in Wall Street for over two decades before quitting his full-time job to devote all his time to the creation of CFD Trader. With several high contacts in the financial markets and with a lot of experience himself, he is the brains behind CFD Trader.

Steven Taylor

Steven is a software professional and a cryptocurrency expert. He has been trading online for over six years and has learned the ropes of the trading business the hard way, with several initial losses before he started earning big profits. Today, Steven knows the ins and outs of online trading and has contributed immensely, ensuring the software is one of the most secure and reliable legit software in the industry.

CFD Trader was established in 2015. While it took a while to take off, today, it is one of the most popular applications in the world. Its members have grown from a few hundred over the first few years to over 200,000. It is one of the few applications that supports a wide variety of trade pairing – including Ether, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, and Bitcoin. The list continues to grow on a regular basis

CFD Trader is the only software application that gives its members free access to a reliable and legit CFD broker in the UK, one-on-one coaching within 48 hours of signing up, and a personal mentor every week. It also provides its users with a free starter kit that is over $2000.

For all that CFD Trader gives back to its members, one would think that its membership fee should be around $1000. However, that is NOT the case.

CFD Trader membership costs just $250 – and this money can be withdrawn any time once you have an established